yeah when i swam competitively (ages 10 until 19) i ate like "a dude" and could house five-to-six slices of pizza after a two hour practice. but unfortunately, much like leisel jones as i aged i got a little...what the Melbourne Herald might call heavier, so i went all dara torres with the ED my junior year of high… » 7/26/12 9:53am 7/26/12 9:53am

my boyfriend keeps on asking me to marry him (not like the formal proposal with one knee and a ring) but literally is like "please please marry me" and "let's elope." he REALLY wants to get hitched. we live together and we have a cat together and we have been together unofficially for more than two years (counting… » 6/25/12 12:55pm 6/25/12 12:55pm

not that i'm pregnant, but my outlook is women for centuries before the last 30 years or so drank while pregnant, so a glass of wine every so often by my third trimester (when i am pregnant) won't hurt (in fact, the woman i baby sat for in high school was pregnant with triplets when i was a junior and her doctor told… » 3/20/12 12:03pm 3/20/12 12:03pm

i am the same way, i have a huge fluctuation range. i have in my closet pants that are either one of two sizes, so when i am at the low end the smaller size is loose on me and when i am at the high end of my weight, i squeeze into the larger of the two sizes. unfortunately i am presently at the higher end of the… » 3/01/12 2:09pm 3/01/12 2:09pm